Animax has the same feed in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Czech Republic but comes in there national languages.

Animax Hungary was a Hungarian anime television channel, later general youth entertainment channel, and the local branch of Sony Corporation's international Animax network. Animax Hungary and much of its other Central-European counterparts replaced the A+ channel in Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia on April 11, 2007. This was Animax's first major expansion to Europe. It's programs have been available either dubbed to the local languages of each country, or in Japanese audio with local subtitles.

A+ (also known as Anime+, /+ or Anime Plusz) was originally launched in December 4, 2004, and was broadcast in Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia either via cable or satellite TV systems. It was acquired by Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) in October 2006. All programs prior to this acquisition were dubbed to the local languages.

Animax Hungary changed its profile in July 2009, switching from focusing exclusively on anime productions to general youth entertainment programming. The last new anime series have premiered in early 2012, after which Sony stopped importing anime altogether. Following a steady decline in ratings and funding in subsequent years, the channel was terminated on March 31, 2014. A new channel, called C8, owned by Chello Central Europe has been launched on its frequency, which offers mixed programming, however anime and Japanese media in general is not represented in any capacity.

Programs broadcast after Animax transformation

Programs broadcast prior to Animax transformation

Note that Sony Corporation acquired A+ in October 2006, and while not being officially Animax yet, the channel aired further programs with only Japanese dubs and local subtitles, with the exception of a few.

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