Animax Original Characters, It started crating in 2004 and now there is 10 characters, Entertaining the whole world.


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Animax Character:Kaz

Height: 5' 8"

Age: 15 years old

Abilities: Robotics engineer, computer programmer, karate

About Kaz Kaz is a teenage genius who is obsessed with robotics and computers. His computer programming and hacking skills have made him an internet celebrity. However, the computer challenges aren't enough, and Kaz is often found tinkering with robots in his basement, creating robots of all sizes, shapes and talents.


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Animax Character:Kai

Height: 6' 0"

Age: 17 years old

Abilities: Particle beam cannons on wrists, bionic strength from bionic prototype armor suit, Kung Fu master.

About kai Nobody knows the true identity of this masked hero, but there were rumors that it's really Kai, an ingenious young inventor credited for developing the world's first bionic armor unit. With this bionic armor, Kai is able to multiply his strength 10 times and uses this ability to crush the evil plans of criminal organizations.


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Animax Character:Karina

Height: 5' 6"

Age: 25 years old

Abilities: Battle Suit abilities - Bionic limbs (allows for Superman strength, and increased running speed up to 40mph), two photon lasers located on wristbands, bionic mylar armor (bullet proof), and holographic monitor screens.

About Karina Karina is an accountant who works for The Kiron Corporation, an international conglomerate whose tentacles spread across the world. While investigating a suspicious company matter, Karina finds a prototype bionic battle suit. The battle suit has bionic limbs, two photon lasers located on the wristbands, bionic mylar armor (bullet proof) and holographic monitor screens. Despite being a shy and awkward individual, when Karina puts the suit on, it brings out the bold heroine within her.


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Animax Character:Jasmine

Height: 5' 2"

Age: 17 years old

Abilities: Expert marksman, treasure hunter

About Jasmine An expert marksman, Jasmine refuses to accept society's definition of what a woman should be. To that end, she designed and built an electric whip in her father's workshop. Anybody that feels that jolting snap of that whip does not soon forget it. With her imposing presence and red-hot temper, Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with.


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Animax Character:Jo

Height: 6' 2" Age: 19 years old

Abilities: Martial arts, knives and blades expert, pickpocket, poet

About Jo Whether slashing the throat of a corporate rival with an exotic blade, or silently destroying the larynx of an enemy spy with a devastating kick, Jo is a killing machine. For him, no target is out of reach.


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Animax Character:Sonia

Height: 5' 7"

Age: 32 years old

Abilities: Battle Suit abilities – Bionic limbs (allows for superhuman strength) bionic mylar armor (bullet proof), AI Synthetic bionic hair extensions (these AI fibres connect to the user’s hair and makes the user’s hair strong as steel, the AI bionic hair can grab and constrict opponents)

About Sonia Sonia has a custom bionic battle armor that has AL Bionic fibres that connect to her head and turn her hair into unbreakable steel constricting tentacles. She is a ruthless and intelligent executive who will let nothing get in her way on her quest to lead her organization to world domination.


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Animax Character:ACTAEON MECH SR-1

Height: 30 feet

Age: Two-year-old prototype

Abilities: Weapon Systems-torso laser, double bladed ion sword

About ACTAEON MECH SR-1 The Actaeon Mech SR-1 is piloted by a mysterious figure that nobody has ever seen. As the name suggests, ACTAEON MECH SR-1 is "hunter". Its abilities allow it to hunt down criminal organizations around the world.



Animax Character:ARES MECH S-4

Height: 40 feet

Age: 10 years

Abilities: set eyes light quantum laser guns, break pressure to force striking ultra-claw (legs and the two giant claw-shaped hand), and 6 in order to be able to enhance the ultra-foot vertical climb on the buildings


ARES MECH S-4 and general machinery is very different from the fighting, almost entirely the same as human beings to think and to solve the problem because it manipulation of the human brain by the AL. ARES MECH S-4 is a team of mechanical military leaders on a regular basis in different parts of the earth bring catastrophe.



Animax Character:DARWIN

Height: 6 feet

Age: 24 years old

Abilities: the implantation of chips because, as he could walk normally, talk and solve the problem. However, also in the hands of the remote control time.

About DARWIN Before birth, Darwin has been microchipped, so he became an owner of Puma and human nature. He is as natural as Puma's strong and agile, able to speak the same as human beings, walking upright and problem-solving. At the same time, Darwin was a genius obsessed with science and technology, often carry a remote control device to control time.



Gender: Male

Eye color: green

Length: 15 feet

Earth Explorer qualifications: nine

Air Dragon Says Hey, I am a little air! I am a one-stop, abandoned an early age I was raised a little girl. I hope one day to meet a dragon like me.

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